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Default ''We will order what we want''

It reads a little rough for a published article, but I came across an online press release today that I thought I'd share:

It reads almost like a manifesto, and although it jumps from topic to topic, there is definitely a spirit of size celebration in the text. The author affirms a thoroughgoing preference for the fuller female figure, without any compromises.

Some of the best quotes:

"They try to tell us that skinny is beautiful, sexy and desirable. Boy, are they wrong. Ask an average man and heíll tell you that he prefers his woman with curves and substance."

"The truth is skinny is not beautiful nor sexy"

"We are not average, we are healthier and happier. We have better self-esteem, we are more giving, nurturing and loving"

and my favourite:

"When we go to a restaurant we donít have to split a salad, we will order what we want and when we want it. And guess what? We donít even feel guilty afterwards."

At the very least, it's good to know that such sentiments are out there, among the general populace. Let's hope that the mainstream media catches up someday, and starts creating depictions of plus-size women that reflect this new reality.
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