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Default Re: Andrea Horblitt during NYFW (video)

Earlier today, we were honoured to be one of the people to whom dazzling plus-size model Andrea Horblitt (MSA Models, size 14) sent out her annual Yuletide greeting--and never in our lives have we seen such a beautiful Christmas card.

The image is a tease from a new Andrea photoshoot, and if this picture is any indication, it will be a spectacular test indeed. The model's blonde tresses look wild and voluptuous, making the viewer long for tactile engagement. The sight of a stray lock falling over her eye is an overwhelmingly sensual touch. Her expression is one of pure joy. She possesses a doll-like beauty, but not that of a timid or mild marionette, but an exuberant and unrestrained vixen--a "good girl," to be sure, but one who enjoys everything that life has to offer and still needs and wants more. An intoxicating minx who has been blessed with the richest of gifts, from extraordinary beauty to an irresistibly sweet disposition, she is beloved by all who know her, or gaze just once upon her, or simply hear whispers of her enchanting loveliness.

The card coyly wishes for all of its readers to "get everything they need, want, and love"--a play on the model's Web site, But of course, one look at this picture will convince every viewer that what they need, and want, and love more than anything else is this enchanting young beauty herself.

We, in turn, wish Miss Horblitt all the best of the season. 2011 surely will be a "beautiful" new year indeed, just as the card fortells--so long as it has Andrea in it.

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