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Default Re: Underweight imagery malforms girls' DNA (study)

The situation is truly appalling, but I have some hope that the next generation will resist this brainwashing.

An article in the news today talks about the 54th annual Sun Youth Forum, in which a thousand high-school students from southern Nevada participated.

It was encouraging to find that the following was one of the topics:

Also discussed was body image a big problem among teens today.

Many of the big clothing brands send messages suggesting that if you wear their clothing you will look good and be cool like the models in the pictures. These advertisements can make teens feel insecure, making them feel like they need to look differently or lose weight to be accepted.

My group agreed that most of this pressure is on girls; many feel like they need to be a size double zero just because the girl in the commercial is. In reality, very few are actually even able to be a size double zero while maintaining a healthy body weight.Girls in the group felt that modeling agencies should hire more plus-size models because the girls would be more likely to picture themselves in that dress and it might put a little less pressure on them to become that perfect, stereotypical girl.

It's gratifying to hear that the girls felt this way, although one wishes that they could recognize that those anorexic "size double zero" models are the farthest thing in the world from "perfect" -- that in fact their gaunt, emaciated appearance is repellent, and that the plus-size models whom they hope to see are actually far more perfect than these androgynous waifs.
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