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Originally Posted by HSG
If such efforts were to spread to other Old World immigrant communities, and encompass other aspects of traditional values (such as the Classical ideal of full-figured femininity), then the "aesthetics of guilt" would soon vanish, and timeless beauty would be restored.

This could be true. Right now, I think that most people who support size-celebration do so either as a matter of aesthetics, or as a point of principle. Either way, it's something abstract to them, not personal (unless they themselves are full-figured).

But if people were to realize that the plus-size ideal is part of their ethnic heritage, their own cultural identity, it would become personal to them, and they would champion it all the more. The Irish, for example, might embrace female fullness as something distinctively Celtic, as vital to them as the Gaelic language. The Russians might celebrate it as something that's in their blood, different from "foreign ways," and therefore better.

Even people who weren't plus-size themselves would champion it, the same way they keep alive carols or other ethnic, traditional customs.

And doing so would, by turn, help European-Americans learn more about their own heritage and become proud of it, seeing it as part of their identity. They wouldn't look at an oval-faced, hyper-toned, androgynous magazine model and think, "I should starve to look like that," but reject such a standard as alien to them, saying, "My ideal, my Germanic (or Irish, or Danish, or Greek, etc.) ideal, is totally different. It's a full-figured ideal, womanly, feminine ideal, and I'm happy to resemble it."
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