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Default Re: ChloŽ Agnew: European tour

From Facebook, here is a host of the most beautiful candids that Miss Agnew has shared with her fans.

My favourite is this image showing Chloe at the Portland Rose Garden. When I look at this image, I think of Chloe singing "The Last Rose of Summer." She looks so gorgeous in that dress. How I wish that her schedule gave her the time to do some plus-size modelling as well as touring. She'd be one of the very best.

Chloe has a great sense of style. I adore the baby-pink top that she's wearing in this photo. It almost seems to glow with the enchanted light that Chloe gave off in her video for the song, "L'Assenza."

Here are Chloe and the girls posing with "Larry the Cable Guy." Notice how buxom she is. No wonder she looks great in everything she wears. She has a fantastic figure.

I've always adored this photo, showing Chloe looking in the mirror, admiring her beauty like a Titian Venus.

Alongside the Sydney Opera House at night - again in a really pretty, feminine outfit.

I adore this fun picture showing Chloe at a fast-food restaurant. I LOVE the fact that she enjoys fast food and doesn't deprive herself! No wonder she's so curvy and gorgeous.

Seriously, I wish everyone could see that last photo and recognize that girls don't need to stave to be beautiful, but can eat whatever they like and be attractive and successful, as Chloe is. Bravo!
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