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Default Re: ''The superior beauty of the traditional build''

Originally Posted by HSG
A gorgeous plus-size model like Shannon Marie (or Kelsey Olson, or Lillian Russell) personifies the kind of beauty that the Irish, or Prussians, or Saxons, or Classical Greeks can intuitively recognize as their own. It is natural for an Irish girl to have rounded limbs; natural for a German girl to have a robust, curvy waist; natural for a Polish girl to have full, rounded facial features; etc.

It is time for women in the West (just as in South Africa) to reject the media's aesthetic values as a foreign expression that has nothing to do with their own physiques, nothing to do with their Old World heritage or their historic beauty traditions, of which their well-fed bodies are such glorious expressions.

The hostile and foreign aesthetic values that the media and fashion push upon women are truly a global and multicultural problem. Women of Hispanic heritage are also naturally and traditionally full-figured. Women in the Hispanic culture love food, love cooking, and revel in our sumptuous bodies. But unfortunately, most of the Latin American/Hispanic celebrities of the day have conformed to the thinner-is-better mentality.

This is why I am so thrilled with plus-size goddess Rosie Mercado. She is truly more representative of what real Latina beauty is. I am grateful to this site, because it boldly champions the full-figured ideal.
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