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Default Re: Rosie Mercado in the Old West

Stop the presses. Thanks to FB, we now have what must surely be the most gorgeous image in this entire series. It's a larger version of the image shown in the original post from the Miss Belissima site, but it is far, far more sensual because it includes a glimpse of Rosie's gorgeous waist.

This is perhaps the most seductive image she has ever created. Yes, her arms are soft, full, and shapely. Yes, her eyes smoulder with a languid, high-temperature gaze. Yes, her rich tresses tumble over her bare shoulders. But nothing could be as alluring as the sight of the unconstrained rondeur of her midsection, which makes a goddess so desirable.

She seems so uninhibited in this picture. She allows the viewer to see the fullness of her figure, confident that her sumptuous contours are irresistible - and they are. This is one of those rare, definitive images of size celebration, and no one but Miss Mercado has the curves to create such a subversively sensual photograph.

The plus-size fashion industry should immediately cast aside its ridiculous and offensive size limitations and embrace models in every dimension of plus, throughout the size 20s, including especially Rosie's opulent size-28 proportions.
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