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Default Re: Fight anti-plus discrimination ... in plus sizes

This site's consistent push for larger plus-size models is a cause that I agree with more than any other. Nothing is more insulting that having six-foot, faux-plus girls passed off as plus-size. Full-Figured models should be size 16 or better.

The most insulting industry statement I ever encountered on this score was at the old site. In response to a barrage of reader criticisms that its models were too thin, asked the public the question: "Does seeing our models breed resentment in you?" (or words to that effect). They acted as if the public felt "jealous" of the models! That's how deeply they had internalized the "skinnier=better" myth: they blindly applied it to their readers, not even considering that their readers were rejecting the models because of what the models lacked (i.e., size).

All that the readers were asking for, very clearly and consistently, was that the models be bigger. Not less attractive. Bigger. It's typical of fashion industry thinking, even in the plus-size industry, that attractiveness should be falsely coupled with a smaller size.

What these companies need to do is hire staff who feel, as the public does, that fuller-figured women should be represented by fuller-figured models. End of story.
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