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Default Re: The State of the Curvy Community

Each of these points is critical. Full-figured-fashion advertising is the one and only media entity which has any chance of producing truly attractive images of plus-size women. Hollywood will not do this. Neither will straight-size fashion. The most urgent goal for anyone who champions positive body image is to encourage the full-figured fashion industry to produce gorgeous images of legitimately plus-size models -- the women whom the rest of the media excludes.

How sad to see plus-size bloggers being co-opted by the industry and simply promoting whatever faux-plus girls the agencies seek to push, rather than representing their readers' wishes and nudging the agencies and clients towards featuring larger models. This is a truly disappointing case of selling out. Instead of listening to whatever the powers that be are telling them, instead of trying to curry favour with the industry, plus-oriented blogs (especially the larger, commercial ones) should use their influence to move the industry in a more size-positive direction. They have the opportunity. They have the ear of those in charge.

Just as it is wrong for straight-size fashion to discriminate against size 8s, so it is wrong for plus-size fashion to discriminate against size 18s+ (let alone size 16s or 14s). Anyone who doesn't use their influence to fight this discrimination is behaving irresponsibly, betraying their full-figured readership, and selling out. No excuses.
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