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Default Re: Aspiration comes in size 16+

Originally Posted by HSG
Why shouldn't a skinny reader aspire to a larger figure? Why shouldn't a woman find a model who is larger than she is to be more "aspirational" than a model who is smaller than she is?

Thinner bodies are not more beautiful than fuller bodies. They are neither prettier, nor curvier, nor more womanly, nor more sensual. They only thing they are, is scrawnier. There is noting "aspirational" about that.

A fuller figure, which is softer, rounder, and more sensually proportioned, is more attractive, more "aspirational," than a skinnier figure.

I strongly favour this premise. Trying to end the faux-plus tyranny by pointing out how discriminatory it is can be effective, but pointing out that larger models are more aspirational than smaller models, that larger plus-size models are more aesthetically appealing than faux-plus models, is an even more compelling argument, because it's an affirmative, positive statement, and it also happens to be true.

Any client who claims that their models must be thinner than their customers is just surrendering to the "skinnier is better" myth, which is rubbish. Only when we turn this thinking on its head and recognize that bigger can be better, that larger models (yes, even models who are fuller-figured than the customers themselves) can be more appealing than smaller ones, have we truly embraced size celebration and adopted a genuinely pro-curvy, pro-plus mindset.
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