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Default Re: "A desire for the comfort of fullness"

Originally Posted by HSG
And the current obsession with self-inflicted physical torture contradicts all timeless notions of femininity. It is no accident that in many historical depictions of Venus, the goddess of beauty, she is presented reclining on a sofa, lounging, languishing most sensually, attended by votaries eager to serve her every whim. Her languor is an essential aspect of her beauty.

That makes the traditional association of feminine beauty with relaxation and sensual indolence a blessed relief, and a refreshing escape from the unrelieved tensions of contemporary life.

I have found myself that one of the key elements of full feminine beauty is exactly that languor...that relaxed and welcoming sensuality. It is speaking without speaking. It is the soft and vital sparkle in the eye, the rich skin and hair. It is opulance that is lacking in our waif-ish sisters. We are at peace. We love life and savour it.

And is that not the core of what we all seek? To be content and happy and loved?
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