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Default Re: ''We will order what we want''

This is a shining example of how a plus-size retailer can take an ordinary promotion, such as a press release, and turn it into a vehicle for delivering a size-positive message. The rejection of any notion of "guilt" is especially welcome. Goddesses never feel guilt.

The writer's attitude is one that every full-figured woman should adopt. We particular enjoy her assertion that a vixen who wears an "above average" dress size should remember the principal definition of that phrase ("better or more than"), for it is the "more than" quality of her curves that makes her beauty, in fact, better.

And why shouldn't a goddess feel this way? For decades, the media has attempted to dupe society into believing the counter-intuitive proposition than "lesser" is somehow preferable (which is like saying that down is up, or night is day, or black is white).

It's high time for curvaceous women to rediscover the actual definitions of these misused and misrepresented words and phrases:

-"full" is better than empty
-"more" is preferable to less
-"increase" means improvement
-"gain" means enhancement . . . and
-"plus" is positive.

Anna (Irene Marie, size 14/16), to whom no waif can compare:

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