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Your kind words are much appreciated, but all gratitude is rightly offered to the models, to the photographic teams that capture their beauty on film, and to the agencies and retailers whose financial investment makes the creation of those images possible.

The only minor difference between this forum and any other is that we attempt to sustain a positive tone by curbing interpersonal disputes. We maintain this as a forum of ideas, rather than personalities (the latter being the usual character of a Web board). And since the Internet offers no end of choice, we feel that there is a place for such an approach, and that it has its own merit.

The media continually attempts to stir up conflict of every sort, in modern society: conflict between classes, conflict between races, conflict between generations, and particularly, conflict between genders. The media's motivations in doing so are questionable, to say the least; and regrettably, they have achieved no small success in breaking down social harmony, and in fostering a standard of behaviour that is combative and pointlessly destructive.

It seems only proper to maintain a more civilized discourse at a forum that celebrates timeless beauty.

The gorgeous serenity of Melissa Masi (DC Models/Click/Wilhelmina L.A.):

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