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Default Underweight imagery causes neurologic damage

According to a recent study, the bombardment of thin images affects women on a neurological level.

And it even damages the psyches of women who do not (yet) have full-blown anorexia. -ar-532761/

As the study indicates:

[Even] the women who didn't suffer from eating disorders showed anxiety about weight, which showed up in their MRI images.

"There is so much bombardment of this 'thin ideal' and what your weight should be," Spangler said, "That it's showing up in the brains of women, even with women who don't feel like this is a concern for them."

The media's underweight standard is warping the psyches even of women who are not technically suffering from eating-disorder illnesses -- that's how pervasive it has become, and how much damage it is doing to all women.

Still more proof that the starvation standard needs to end, and that women need to be shown a fuller-figured alternative to the toxic, ugly "ideal" that the fashion industry mandates.

Here's the video of the report:

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