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Default Agencies suppressing plus-size models

In pinpointing the culprits for the fashion industry's suppression of plus-size beauty, many have identified the designers as the ultimate problem, while much blame has also been levelled at magazine editors and photographers. Both groups are clearly guilty.

The designers personally choose which models appear in their shows; also, they control the size of clothing samples, thus physically dictating model size.

Magazine editors and photographers, on the other hand, decide which girls appear in their photoshoots. Since plus-size models have occasionally appeared in the pages of some magazines, it is clearly something that could be done more often. (Mode's editors decided which size girls appeared in the magazine's layouts. So did Figure's.) Editors and photographers clearly deserve much of the blame as well.

But it appears that not enough attention has been paid to the hand that modelling agencies have in this.

In the plus-size industry, clients such as Addition-Elle have gone on record as saying that their plus-size models aren't larger because this is the model size that agencies are providing.

But beyond that, it seems that modelling agencies are actively scheming to completely exclude plus-size models from the fashion world.

You think "scheming" is too melodramatic a word? In fact, it's the bald truth.

Consider this chilling revelation.

The text:

Which Modeling Agency Refuses To Have Their Girls In The Same Show With Plus-Size Models?

By: Connie Wang

Feb 11, 2011 11:10 AM

We recently got a message from Maayan Zilberman from lingerie brand, The Lake and Stars, who was deep in casting for her show today, which will feature both plus-size and conventional models. Not everyone's as pleased with the concept as us, though. Says Maayan: "Agencies are horrified we're putting girls from plus division in with [skinny girls], and some agents said flat out they wouldn't put their "good girls" with plus-size models."

For the record, Maayan's as grossed out by it all as we are. Ugh.

Can you believe it?

The idea that these agencies think of their anorexic, androgynous cadavers as "good girls" compared to plus-size models (who are the only type of models who are healthy or attractive) would be laughable if it weren't so disgusting and offensive.

But beyond that, this is clear and undeniable evidence that agencies are tampering with a designer's decisions as to which size models they should use. Agencies are strong-arming designers NOT to use plus-size models.

This is not subtle or implicit discrimination. This is out-and-out aggressive, targeted exclusion.

It is unthinkable that an industry could be so unregulated as to allow these kinds of business practices to exist.
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