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Default Re: Agencies suppressing plus-size models

All of this, and for such a paltry return. The images from the Lake and Stars presentation feature a lone plus-size model tucked in among rows and rows of corpse-like, underweight models. I fail to see how that's any kind of inclusion; it barely even rises to the level of tokenism.

At least this incident shows the true face of the minus-size fashion industry, exposing just how hostile it actually is to voluptuous femininity (for all of its supposedly affirmative talk). This is the industry with the mask off.

And some people think that it would be any kind of success for larger women if faux-plus models (who are merely the size of traditional straight-size models) were to edge their way into this thin-supremacist industry? Why?

Rather, plus-size women should reject this curve-o-phobic industry for the disgusting spectacle that it is, an industry that does nothing but propagate eating disorders.


When you have plus-specific events, you see opulent size-20 models like Mayara Russi in FWPS, or size-18 goddesses like Katherine Roll in FFFWeek. You have whole shows with all full-figured models, i.e., waif-free, size-positive environments.

But when you have these pitiful attempts at "diversity," you see hordes of anorexic waifs, with lone faux-plus models tucked in somewhere in a corner, or at the back, physically symbolizing the marginalization of plus-size women.

There is no question that all-curvy events are the way to go, and that the best efforts are those that are directed at fostering the growth of a industry of our own, a plus-specific industry focussed on body love, on showcasing the larger female figure, and on using true plus-size models (size 16 and up).
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