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Default Myths and hoaxes, bought & paid for

I know the preference here is to avoid discussing all of the endless media hysteria about weight-related myths and hoaxes, but a new book just came out today today that I think deserves notice, because it blows the lid off a lot of the lies that the public is being given on this topic:

Here's the link to the press release

In some of the most important relevations the book contains, it:

-"highlights the government’s reliance on pharmaceutical and weight-loss industry input to lower the bar for being “overweight.” "

-"reveals that much of what the public has been told concerning [weight] comes from financially conflicted researchers who have taken money from the weight-loss industry. These conflicted researchers have been instrumental in offering many of the false claims and much of the hype associated with [weight] today."

-"even the measure used by the federal government to establish overweight and *******—the Body Mass Index (BMI), a simple measure of height and weight—has been heavily influenced by weight-loss industry-funded researchers."

-"exposes the covert effort by the $46 billion weight-loss industry to quietly nurture overblown rhetoric in an effort to panic the public about carrying a few extra pounds. Pharmaceutical and weight-loss companies have invested millions of dollars in institutes, researchers, and studies—all squarely aimed at hyping the supposed ills of being overweight."

So basically, 90% of the media is just one big diet ad, all of which the weight-loss industry has paid for, either directly (in its promos), or indirectly, by having reporters treat their propaganda as if it were "news."
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