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Default Being full-figured is good for health (study)

Yet another study has now emerged which proves, once again, that being full-figured is healthy for women, while weight loss is unhealthy.

Typically, although this was a significant study printed in a major academic publication, the mass media aggressively suppressed it. I could only find references to it in the international press, e.g.:

The findings shatter diet-industry indoctrination:

Being plump is good for health

Jan 25, 2011

LONDON: Are you a reluctant dieter? Then, it would be a perfect excuse for you, as scientists have claimed that staying f** may be better for your health.

The researchers said the idea that weight is harmful has been "exaggerated" and people who are little heavier may actually live longer. The California University (CU) study that looked at about 350,000 people in the US also suggested that the ob*** put their health in greater danger when they obsessively try to slim down.

The researchers also noted that society's obsession with dieting is "ineffective".

Linda Bacon, a CU professor who led the study, claimed there is evidence to show that "overweight" people live longer than normal. Those who are ob** also tend to live longer than people who are thin, they said. They are also more likely to survive certain health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and kidney failure, added the researchers.

Not only is it important to realize that being full-figured is actually healthy for women, and leads to a longer lifespan, but that body diminishment is specifically unhealthy. Thus, the worst thing that a woman can do, health-wise, is lose weight. Better to either stay at the shape she is, or to become fuller figured.

This is the truth about weight and health, despite the myths that the media and the diet industry concoct to try to brainwash people into thinking otherwise. This is only the latest in a lost list of studies that have been recorded on this site which have concluded likewise -- that for women, as the title of the article states, "being plump is good for health."
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