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Default Re: London Fashion Week promoting anorexia (article)

Originally Posted by Meredith
The cancer on society that is the straight-size industry must be made to change, and only government intervention can make it happen.

Thank you for posting such an illuminating article, Meredith. Your "cancer" metaphor is more accurate than one might initially think. If I may, I will share something truly disturbing that happened as I was reading this article at school.

I was scrolling down the page, and I could feel myself growing utterly disgusted at the sight of those emaciated, skeletal models. The poor women looked like they were literally starving, as if they could barely support themselves. As I observed, with increasing horror, the two side-by-side images of the models with the stick-like legs, I heard a voice from behind me.

"Her legs are perfect."

I immediately wheeled around, my jaw dropping. One of my fellow students was looking at the images with adoration. I was honestly frightened, appalled, concerned for her well-being.

"Perfect? They're anorexic! How could you think such a thing?" I barely managed to stop myself from shouting, trying to rein in my slowly bubbling size-activist rage. Her proclamation that a positively cadaverous and sickly victim of the fashion industry such as that model could ever look anything close to "perfect" truly startled me.

"I just think her legs look perfect," my friend replied. I glanced back at the image of the model with her deformed-looking, skeletal legs, and closed the page.

"I'm just going to close this now. Clearly, it's warping you." The conversation ended there -- I was honestly too distressed and incensed to rationally discuss the issue further. To think that those around me could honestly consider such unhealthy images to be "perfect" truly unsettled me.

This little incident sadly reinforced what the article, and the Judgment of Paris, have been saying all along regarding the use of such models. They warp the minds of young girls, twisting their vision of what is normal and what is "perfect" into a toxic and disgusting underweight ideal.

My friend is a rather normal girl. Prone to self-disparagement, but otherwise quite ordinary. To think that even the most seemingly healthy and cheerful teens are brainwashed into idolising anorexia is horrifying.

London Fashion Week is promoting a deadly, hideous aesthetic. Its poisonous standards of starvation must stop masquerading as beauty; its unnatural images of corpse-like women must stop disguising themselves as normality. These false standards of "perfection" need to be revealed for what they are, before the minds and hearts of women are destroyed entirely by their corrupting influence.

And the true perfection of the full-figured feminine ideal must be restored.
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