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Default Re: Feminine faces more attractive, study finds

I came across another article on this topic that elaborates on the results a little.

It echoes the points above:

"A feminine face is rounder with gentle features, big eyes, small nose, and big lips."

And adds some more details:

"Men from all cultures and all backgrounds find similar faces attractive. They are drawn to a babyish face and big, baby-like eyes with arched eyebrows which seem consistent with high estrogen levels. Attractive people with attractive faces are the sort of people who would make good mates so there is an evolutionary advantage to this choice."

This being the case, I definitely think the plus-size industry should use more models with rounder, more feminine faces. It would obviously help dispel the myth that thinner women are more attractive- which probably exists in large part because of those few straight-size models who are specifically chosen for their youthful, baby-round faces, and DESPITE their skeletal frames.

If more plus-size models were chosen who have rounder, younger-looking faces, beauty would be associated with being curvaceous.

Hopefully this will be seen in the next generation of professional plus-size models. I don't know why the industry has resisted this in the past, notwithstanding the exceptions noted above.
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