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Default Re: ''Fashion’s ultimate insult to women'' (androgynous models)

I see more evidence all the time that women are finally recognizing their oppression by men who are not attracted to women. An Atlanta newspaper published an article just a week ago that addresses this problem and lays it bare.

The article is astonishingly frank and insightful. This may be the most brutally honest and truthful look yet at today's oppression of women by the degenerate ilk who run the fashion industry.

And the writer isn't afraid to name the oppressor.

Every word of the article is worth reading, so I urge you to click on the link. Here are some of the most trenchant points:

Isn’t it is agonizingly obvious from watching a model’s morbidly thin frame strut down the runway that straight men...don’t share the same beauty ideals as fashion designers? Which begs the question: Who are these fashion designers and what images are they envisioning when they design haute couture?

Certainly, they’re not imagining the curves of Marilyn Monroe or the voluptuousness of Dorothy Dandridge...

So what is it about sunken-in jaws and waif physiques that fashion designers find absolutely spellbinding? How is it that they’re satisfied using a sketched framework of a woman’s body on the catwalk instead of the real thing? And here’s the 100 million dollar question – why are fashion designers determined to super-impose the image of pre-pubescent boys onto female physiques?

There is no way to honestly approach these questions without addressing the homoerotic pull of the fashion industry. Same-sex-loving men have fetishized the image of young boys to the point of erecting a physical shrine of malnourished women to celebrate their most primal, and somewhat pedophilic, desires. We don’t see women who have any of the identifying physical features of women strutting down the catwalk because women aren’t desirous sexual objects for their gay taskmasters.

This is a devastating and accurate statement. Calling it a "fetish" on the part of the designers is all too true. The writer identifies why women may be finally rejecting this oppression by fashion designers -- because they see that the designers are trying to physically erase women and the female gender from the catwalk and from the culture, and replace it with a different sex.

The next passages lay out, with unprecedented insight, some of the reasons for why fashion designers actually hate women -- as is clear in their choices of models.

Far from being the object of sexual desire for gay men, women are often resented and viewed as rivals by more effeminate gay men who obsess over gender parity. Let them tell it, they’re just as much female as you, me, or any other “fish”- a derogatory term used for women in the gay community – walking up or down the runway. Their ultimate goal is to trump naturally born demonstrating that their inner diva can outperform our X chromosomes any day of the week.

Of course, anyone with as much as a cursory understanding of psychology can easily discern that all the twirling and cartoonish gesticulation is the consequence of overcompensation. Still, the marrying of homoerotic sexual desire with an irrational resentment of women makes for an extremely toxic brew.

I had never considered the above point before, but it makes absolute sense and is irrefutable. The antipathy of fashion designers toward women is not merely aesthetic, but also personal, as the writer continues to explain:

In answering these claims, many designers feign insult and claim that the job of models is to be a hanger for the clothes. In other words, designers are claiming that they are nullifying the feminine features of their models so that buyers of women’s clothes – mostly women- won’t be distracted by a woman’s body. Apparently, designers feel that breasts and hips are distractions to be designed around, not incorporated into designs for clothes which will eventually adorn the bodies of women who have, you guessed it, breasts and hips!

I would add that it is absolute madness to take designers at their word and allow ourselves to become convinced that they are sincere when they assert that women are only hangers for their designs. Fashion is art, and art is about desire, sensation, creation, and sensuality. Art is impulse driven.

The problem here is that gay designers are driven by the wrong impulses. Their primary desire is to satiate their own appetite by recreating their sexual desires in the bodies of their female models. Gay designers have transformed the fashion industry into their own little autoerotic and self-sustaining play pen, creating a vampire effect which sucks the self-esteem right out of women.

Not only does their perverted industry suck the self-esteem out of women, but it sucks the very life out of women, for it brainwashes women into starving themselves into emaciated forms that are completely unnatural for them to possess.

Women are killing themselves to please gay men whose aesthetic is anti-woman. It's insane. Women are all but changing genders for these degenerates. The situation is intolerable, and it is ruinous for women's physical and mental health.

The article's conclusion is powerful:

The fact that gay designers don’t share the desires of heterosexual men in no way grants them permission to ignore the cumulatively vacuous effect that their dysfunction has on women. It’s high time that the narcissistic fashion industry, largely financed by the purchases of real women, learned to cater to real women. It’s not only as a choice; it’s the only socially responsible one as well.

Bravo. I am amazed both at this writer's courage in truthfully exposing this scandalous situation and her keen insight in comprehending it.

All women should read the article, so that for once and for all they stop allowing themselves to be oppressed by gay men who are fundamentally anti-woman and who hate their feminine curves, and demand that the industry that exists because of their money alone begin celebrating their womanliness and their naturally full-figured femininity.
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