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Default Re: Curves more attractive, men say (article)

Here's an intriguing follow-up to the mantra that men prefer full-figured women. A male fashion designer from India (but one who clearly finds women attractive, not one of the degenerate types) not only expresses his preference for curvier women, but even slams the worship of androgynous emaciation as being unmanly.

His testimonial:

Real men love real women

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

At the outset, let me just say one thing — real men like real women.

I have seen that super-fit women can only be idols for other women and men who are still struggling to attain manhood, but talk to any other man — a man’s man — and he will tell you that he likes real women, with their curves, smiles, laughter et al.

The imagery of the "perfect" woman is alarmingly bordering on pre-puberty boys. Women of UK size 14 are socially pressurised to feel f**. And who decides who’s thin and who’s f**? If you accept your body weight and refuse to believe you are f**, in the eyes of the beholder you will automatically start to look fit without using the gym. Most often than not I have seen that women who are happy with their curves are a lot more emotionally stable than women who are killing themselves to burn that extra ounce of f** in their bodies.

With stability comes customer loyalty as well. And if fashion just realised the importance of making people feel good about shapes and curves (albeit towards a larger size), the industry wouldn’t have been hit by recession. Proof? The proof lies in the pudding. Look at any fashion magazine, the most successful covers have always been their shape issues!

On a personal front, it is quite easy for me to make hip and ‘fashionable’ clothing for a selected few, but the select few cannot make a business. I do not want to live in an egotistical bubble. So for me it is more challenging to dress real women and large women, and when I make them marginally more beautiful I sleep well with the thought that it was a job well done.

For that I might be marginalised by fashion magazines, but I can boast proudly that my circulation is more than theirs!

First of all, it's gratifying to hear of a designer following his own pro-curvy vision in defiance of pressure from the magazine industry. If only more designers had this kind of courage. Yet he clearly indicates that this doesn't hurt his bottom line; it's both a social cause for him, and it makes good business sense.

Second, it's wonderful to hear him state that women can be beautiful "without using the gym." It's not just the fullness of a plus-size goddess's figure that makes her beautiful, but also her untoned softness, undiminished by any gym-torture.

Third, it's interesting to hear him point out that "women who are happy with their curves are a lot more emotionally stable than women who are killing themselves" with diet-starvation. This is undoubtedly true, and it's part of what makes curvy women more altogether attractive than their underweight rivals (in addition to their superior physical beauty).

And finally, when the designer points out that the only men who find skinny girls attractive are "men who are still struggling to attain manhood," that's a very fine euphemism for such men (if they can be called "men" at all).

If the fashion industry were populated by more pro-curvy men such as this Indian designer, rather than the type of people who dominate the industry today, then the images that the fashion world creates would celebrate natural feminine fullness and would thus be a boon to women's self-esteem, not a detriment, as they are today.

Let's hope that more such individuals enter the fashion/media world in the future.
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