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Default Re: Debunking the ''weight epidemic'' myth

To top it all off, he First Lady is now blaming plus-size children for the sad state of the economy! Have you ever heard anything more insulting and ridiculous in your life? Whatever your political beliefs, one has to agree that she has gone too far. She is shamming people's bodies. And on top of everything, Mrs. Obama often speaks out against bullying, but right now she is the biggest bully of them all.

I just read the books The Diet Myth and Health at Every Size. Both do a good job of debunking the necessity of this ďwar on ob*****.Ē I believe both books should be required reading for anyone involved in health. The only reason the war on ob***** is even an issue is because of the diet industry. It is in their best interest to keep the public ashamed and afraid of their bodies. And it seems everyone is helping the diet industry promote this attitude: TV, movies, magazines, adverts, and the government.

It is tragic, really.
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