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Default Re: Barbara Brickner at CJBanks

I was so intrigued by that quotation, that I decided to read the Sesame and Lilies essay "Of Queen's Gardens" myself. I think Ruskin lays out the most positive discussion of gender relations I've ever read. Unlike so many modern texts, which set women against men, wives against husbands, Ruskin's almost lyrical work puts forth an ideal of harmonious, complimentary relationships that is simultaneously idealistic and persuasive. I highly recommend it, both as a practical text, and for the sheer beauty of the language.

By the way, CJBanks is doing a wonderful job with its plus promotions. I signed up for their mailing list, and have received two e-mail promotions this month, both feating warm, "home and hearth" images of Barbara.

The first is a larger version of that magical home-page image, and the second is one that I hadn't seen before. Both lovely.
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