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Default Re: Feminine faces more attractive, study finds

Originally Posted by Kaitlynn
They are drawn to a babyish face and big, baby-like eyes with arched eyebrows .

When it comes to the ideally soft, round, feminine visage, Shannon Marie may forever reign supreme among plus-size models, but a number of other stars also exhibit these qualities (although, regrettably, they tend to fall into the faux-plus category).

Torrid beauty Christina Schmidt may have the most gorgeous facial features of any model working today. She seems to be the very goddess whom the organizers of this survey had in mind when they defined the attributes of the most attractive of female faces. The fact that she also possesses one of the curviest figures of any plus-size model with a measure of public visibility means that she could achieve unprecedented success in changing society’s views of plus-size beauty.

Here she is in a beautiful new image at Torrid, glowing like the risen sun, in a very feminine camisole. This campaign continues to dazzle all admirers of Classical beauty, with every remarkable new image:

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