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Default Re: Debunking the ''weight epidemic'' myth

I'm not sure if this has been linked here before but to me this recent paper in Nutrition Journal is the definitive debunking of the myths surrounding the "epidemic":

Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift

Some of my favourite excerpts:
  • "Researchers have demonstrated ways in which bias and convention interfere with robust scientific reasoning such that obesity research seems to "enjoy special immunity from accepted standards in clinical practice and publishing ethics"
  • "Most epidemiological studies find that people who are "overweight" or moderately ob*** live at least as long as normal weight people, and often longer"
  • "It may be, therefore, that the association between weight and health risk can be better attributed to weight cycling than adiposity itself."
  • "Most prospective observational studies suggest that weight loss increases the risk of premature death among ob*** individuals, even when the weight loss is intentional and the studies are well controlled with regard to known confounding factors, including hazardous behavior and underlying diseases"
  • "That weight loss will improve health over the long-term for ob*** people is, in fact, an untested hypothesis."
  • "BMI and health are only weakly related in cultures where ob***** is not stigmatized, such as in the South Pacific"
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