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Default The Real Epidemic Spreads

The epidemic of perverted body ideals:

Stigma against "overweight" people is becoming a cultural norm around the world, even in places where larger bodies have traditionally been valued. That's according to a cross-cultural study of attitudes toward ob***** to be published in the April issue of Current Anthropology
"Previously, a wide range of ethnographic studies have shown that many human societies preferred larger, plumper bodies," Dr. Brewis said. "Plump bodies represented success, generosity, fertility, wealth, and beauty."
The responses across these diverse cultures were largely congruent with Western attitudes, the researchers found. What's more, the highest f** stigma scores were not in the U.S. or the U.K., "but rather Mexico, Paraguay, and -- perhaps most surprisingly -- in American Samoa," the researchers write.

The change in attitudes in American Samoa has happened with remarkable speed, says Dr. Brewis. "When I was doing research in the Samoas in the 1990s, we found people starting to take on thinner body ideals, but they didn't yet have discrediting ideas about large bodies," she said. "But that appears to be changing very quickly."

This is just so sad, to hear that these wonderful cultures are being poisoned at a rate even faster than what has occurred in the West (which in itself was a pretty rapid complete reversal in aesthetic ideals).
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