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Default Re: The About Face Exhibition

Sarah, thank you so much for such a beautifully written and detailed account of the show, and for the lovely photos. You made me feel like I was right there at the exhibit! I couldn't make it to the West Coast, but this guided tour of the gallery was the next-best thing.

It's such a pleasure to see these gorgeous portraits. They DO deserve to be hanging in a gallery as works of art, for the plus-size models they celebrate are definitely Classical muses living in the present day.

I especially loved your descriptions of Kelsey's and Rosie's portraits. They're so evocative and poetic, and do justice to the photographs:

Originally Posted by Sarah
Not surprisingly, Kelsey's portrait was the one that immediately caught my attention as I entered the room. Her blonde tresses appear to be almost glowing as they frame her gorgeous face and tumble onto the shoulders in the portrait. She gazes at the viewer through heavily-lidded eyes with her face upturned, illuminating her impossibly perfect features. Her expression is alluringly vain and very sensual. I also think she looks very powerful in the photo--she's fully aware of how intoxicatingly beautiful she is and how no man on Earth can ever resist her! She appears to be wearing only a delicate pearl necklace (which seems only a touch paler than the exquisite fairness of her skin!) and a black bra and shawl.
Originally Posted by Sarah
Rosie’s portrait was also quite stunning. She wears dark lipstick to match her lovely raven-black hair in her portrait, looking every inch a cruel and tantalizingly beautiful Snow Queen. She has an almost disdainful expression on her gorgeous face, and she reaches her hand back through her hair in what appears to be a coy, preening salute. She wears a pearl choker as well, with a cute halter top that hugs her every sumptuous curve.
I like how you juxtaposed the two portraits and the two descriptions, first the fair-haired goddess and then the dark-haired goddess, with the two complementing one another, like aesthetic binaries.

And your questions for the photographer, Wahb, were fascinating. They were just what I wanted to know!

Thank you for this amazing write-up, Sarah.
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