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Default Re: The About Face Exhibition

Reading this essay was a marvellous way to experience the exhibit without actually being there. I would like to thank Sarah for her wonderful write-up, and of course, all of the creative artists on both sides of the camera who made this unique event a reality.

For those of you who might not be familiar with the impressive CV of the show's photographer, I found an article about Mr. Mabkhout from a few years back which details his fascinating background. He worked as a fashion designer and as a model before settling on photography as his art form of choice.

Besides his considerable work in fashion, the article includes this tidbit of information from Mr. Mabkhout's background that I found especially interesting.

During my teenage years my father developed an interest in our family tree and went to great lengths to teach us about the origin of the Mabkhout Family. Extensive research in Moroccan archives revealed that the Mabkhout family descends directly from King Idris I. King Idris was the first King of Morocco. He united Morocco under one kingdom. In the 700s, King Idris brought Berbers and Arabs together under a single monarchy that was sustained over two centuries. Such a rich and colourful origin was something my father felt we had to be proud of.

Also, a look through his intriguing YouTube channel shows that he has undertaken some amazing shoots in her career, including numerous sessions for Sports Illustrated in exotic locales around the world, and featuring numerous supermodels.

The plus-size industry is fortunate to have such a prominent talent celebrating curvy models.
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