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Default Re: Valerie: ''I love to live generously'' (DBW)

The settings and photography are marvellous, and placing Valerie side-by-side with a painting is a wonderful touch. The implication is that even beside this artwork, she is the true masterpiece.

But how sad to see her looking so un-plus. Just a year or two ago, when she was fuller figured, she was the most captivating model of all. But sadly, I think it's all over. As a general rule, models never seem to regain the curves that they once possessed, and that make them so popular with the public. (Think of the equally sad case of Kate Dillon.)

On the other hand, Dress Barn's plus-size clothing has clearly improved. They seem to be moving away from career wear, and offering more social apparel. And according to an article that I stumbled across online, it's had quite an impact.

According to the article,

"Sales have been quite good for six months in part because of its strength in the plus-size area of the core Dressbarn stores," says Dennis Van Zelfden, an analyst at Suntrust Robinson Humphrey, an investment bank based in Atlanta. "That is due to the remerchandising of the whole chain over the past 18 months."

I take "remerchandising" to mean better clothing, and better promotions. So plus-size women do prefer feminine apparel to boxy suits, and such.

And since the topic of dessert contest was mentioned here recently, I should also share a link to an e-mail promo that I recently received from Dress Barn, advertising a "Holiday Bake-off Recipe Book":

If you follow the link, it takes you to a collection of great recipes at the Dress Barn site:

Anyone who actually does "love to live generously" should find the recipes delectable. It strikes me as a fine way for a plus-size retailer to be celebrating the Christmas season.
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