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Default Re: Seventh Anniversary

It's so frustrating to think that women, rather than men, are the only individuals who criticize this painting, because of the model's opulent beauty. But it confirms something that I've long suspected about how the anorexic standard gets reinforced. I'll bet quite a few underweight women latch onto it as a way to criticize the appearance of "voluptuous vixens," whose beauty they secretly ENVY.

It makes sense, if you think about it. Deep down, thin women may feel inadequate by comparison, so no wonder they'll eagerly adopt a value system that tells them how to criticize the full-figured femininity which they secretly long for, and are jealous of.

It's "sour grapes" on a societal scale.

What they are really saying, when they confront a timeless masterpiece like this (or a plus-size model) is, "How dare she be so beautiful?"
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