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Default Re: Students denouncing anorexic media standards

One thing that I love about reading students' voices on these topics is that they often have a freshness and energy that more mature voices lack.

This recent article from The Corsair, the student newspaper of Santa Monica College, is a great example.

It begins with the author recognizing that the cult of emaciation is a relatively recent aberration. This kind of historical perspective is always beneficial, as it dislodges the underweight standard from a position of inevitability and exposes it for what it is: an arbitrary, unnatural fixation.

Skinny used to be the opposite of f**, remember? It didn't used to be a compliment; it was a descriptive word for people who were noticeably below average weight. But ever since "heroin chic" graced runways in the 90s, there's been a dramatic shift in cultural perceptions of the ideal female body type.

The author identifies the sheer insanity of self-imposed starvation:

Receiving evil death stares from chicks that choose to starve themselves when you indulge in that brownie that's screaming the name of every woman in the room is unfair and frustrating. You shouldn't feel embarrassed for being the only girl around sane enough to eat what you want.

She encourages men to be vocal in their preference for girls with a fuller figure - and I enjoy the zeal with which she denounces the waifs:

some extra compliments and reassure her that you'd never want to date that pole-thin girl who probably does drugs and smokes cigarettes to maintain her figure.

It ends on a disappointing mixed message, but hopefully the author will grow out of that bit of brainwashing by the media. Other than that, it's a welcome piece.
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