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Default Re: Interview with Lindsey Garbelman

I read this interview once yesterday, and again today. I love it! I enjoy how frank and open Lindsey was in the discussion. She said so many things that many full-figured women feel but seldom give voice to.

I especially agree with her points about the fact that plus-size models should actually be plus size. The use of skinny models who are falsely passed off as plus-size remains the biggest shortcoming of the plus-size fashion industry:

HSG: Donít you love the fact that for these runway shows, they cast genuinely curvy plus-size models, not the size 10s?

LINDSEY: Yes! But thatís all theyíre using for print. Itís unbelievable to me. I was so happy to see actual plus-size women, because when I go to a lot of castings, Iím the biggest girl there.

HSG: Is that true?

LINDSEY: Yes. And I think, ďAre you kidding me?Ē Especially for print, because thatís all they use. They use size 10s. And itís sickening. Iím going to tell you the truth. I have a friend. Iím not going to name her name. She is a plus-size model. Sheís a size 6, one hundred percent. And she works all the time. All the time.

HSG: [dismayed] I believe you.

LINDSEY: It makes me sick.

It IS sickening. A size 6? That is simply offensive. I would consider Lindsey the smallest that a plus-size model should be, legitimately, at a size 16, not the "biggest." How did this industry ever get so turned around?

I admire her determination to keep her current figure and not to diminish it.

This passage especially raised the alarm bells for me:

LINDSEY: Someone was just telling me aboutÖ Someone is putting into these designersí heads that they donít need to use big girls anymore. They need to use smaller girls. I canít remember who told me that, butÖwhatever. It doesnít matter. And my agent, my New York agent, loves the size I am. Whatever I want to be, he markets me at. He loves my size.

I love the fact that MSA embraces Lindsey at her curvy size, but aaargh, it's so galling to learn that there really is a toxic voice in the industry who is trying to push the faux-plus standard. Whoever that person is, they're clearly just pushing their own anti-plus prejudice and disguising it as a fashion critique. (Or, they're trying to get jobs for faux-plus models.) They simply can't accept plus-size beauty having any visibility and are trying to quash it. This curve-o-phobic thinking must be stopped, once and for all.

I love how forthright Lindsey is about this issue. I agree with her every word here, and I share these feelings exactly:

LINDSEY: It pisses me offóand Iím going to say pisses me offóthat girls who cannot shop at a plus-size store shoot for plus size. I think that that is the dumbest thing Iíve ever heard about.

HSG: It is. It makes me sick.

LINDSEY: ďYou canít fit in plus-size clothes. That is pinned all over you. You canít even wear that.Ē

Curvy women don't want to see faux-plus models promoting clothing to them, and they definitely don't want to see skinny models with padding pretending to be plus, because those models have gaunt, sunken-in faces that clearly are NOT plus. Curvy women want to see visibly full-figured models, at least as big as Lindsey, and with full facial features that match their opulent figures.
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