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Default Re: Interview with Lindsey Garbelman

The passages that enthused me most in interview were those in which Lindsey really celebrates her own plus-size beauty. It's an undercurrent that runs throughout the work and blazes forth at certain moments.

LINDSEY: I was probably a 16/18 then. I love the way that I am. I love being a curvy girl.

HSG: You do?

LINDSEY: I do. I love it. Are you kidding me? I love it.

This passage especially delighted me:

LINDSEY: When I look at my face in pictures when I was thinner, and pictures now, I think Im prettier with the fuller face. I think my face is prettier fuller, because my face was kind of sunken in, and it just wasnt I dont know what it was. Sometimes I look at those pictures and I think, Did I just not know how to do my makeup? I think my face looks so much prettier fuller. I really do.
It's so wonderful to hear a model expressing an aesthetic preference for a visibly plus look.

More moments of admirable self-assurance:

LINDSEY: I will tell you any day, all day, I think Im a beautiful, curvy girl. I am confident. I love the way I look.
LINDSEY: Im confident. Im very confident, and I always have been.
LINDSEY: I think Im a very sexy woman.

Others clearly agree, even when they aren't aware that she's a model. If only they knew!

LINDSEY: Last night at work, I had just gotten there. The other waitress had a table, and I kept seeing this group of guys all looking at me and talking about me. I thought, Wait a minute. What is going on?...This guy finally stops me. He grabs my hand and says, I just want to let you know, you are honestly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.

But my favourite passage is this one, which I think Lindsey tailored especially for her Judgment of Paris fans, because it's so perfect! It even comes with the original audio, which is fun to listen to:

LINDSEY: I cant believe Im going to say this because this sounds so vain.

HSG: [eagerly] Say it, say it, say it.

LINDSEY: Yesterday, on the train, I was sitting there, and...I looked at my reflection in the train window, and I thought, Oh, my God, Im gorgeous.

The interviewer clutches his heart, mimicking a coronary episode brought on by an overdose of delight.

LINDSEY: [laughing] I really did.

I think curvy girls reading the interview will enjoy reading about a visibly full-figured model who appreciates her own curvaceous appearance in such a seductive way. I know I did. Hopefully, Lindsey's self-assurance will be transmitted to many readers, especially girls who may be struggling with body image.
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