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Default Re: Interview with Lindsey Garbelman

It's such a pleasure to learn more about this beautiful model whose pictures I've been seeing at the Judgment of Paris for years. She comes across as lively and fun, but very kind and considerate too. She was so thoughtful to share a bit of herself with her fans, this way.

She herself pointed out the camaraderie among plus-size models, and I think she's absolutely right:

The thing is, with plus-size models, I’ve met a few divas, but for the most part, plus-size models are so genuinely nice. We love each other, and the way I see it, it’s because we’re not hungry!

Lindsey speaks so well about everyone she has worked with- about Kelsey, Katherine, even clients like Formal Source- and she even has praise for other models, like Rosie Mercado. She comes across as a very generous person with a good heart.

I was especially moved by the lovely account that she gave of walking in the David's Bridal show in Florida:

I walked out and the crowd—there were 500 people there—went insane. Insane. Everyone stood up. I was the only plus-size… Everyone was going insane, because I was the only plus-size girl. And I came back and the hairstylist said, “Girl, they went crazy over you.” I was so excited. I was so happy. It was amazing.

Modelling, that was one of the best feelings I have ever had. I wanted to cry. I literally cried a little bit when I got out, because I was so touched. I thought, “Oh, my God. They love it, because I’m curvy.”

Isn't that sweet? What touched Lindsey so much wasn't just the fact that they were applauding her; it was the fact that the public was responding to her being curvy. Lindsey saw this as a triumph for all full-figured women. That speaks to her magnanimity.

She seems like a wonderful role model as well as an excellent fashion model, definitely a girl who likes to have fun (so young girls can relate to her more than to someone who was a goody-goody), but with a solid moral core.
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