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Default Re: Interview with Lindsey Garbelman

I too appreciated all of the passages in the interview that others have marked off. I also enjoyed it as a marvellous plug for FFFWeek, which is opening today.

LINDSEY: I have to tell you, I am so excited to be in Full-Figured Fashion Week, because I can find beautiful clothes that make me look sexy and feel sexy...Big girls, we’re sexy. We like our curves. We want to feel sexy. We want to show off our curves.
LINDSEY: I said to the other models on Wednesday night, “Girls, I hope you realize we’re making history right now...This is the second year, and twenty years from now, they’ll remember that we were the girls who started this.” I said, “We are the reason why they started doing Full-Figured Fashion Week, because they see beautiful girls like us, and they want other people to see us and showcase that we can have good style, and we can be sexy.”

It was fascinating to read all of the behind-the-scenes impressions of the show. And it's especially interesting to read about the mental preparation that a model has to go through before she steps out onto the catwalk:

LINDSEY: I was terrified—until I got on the runway. When I was on the runway, I was fine. But before, I was terrified. I was thinking, “What if I fall? Oh, my gosh.” And when I had to carry the hat, I asked the designer of Pheline, “Okay, worst-case scenario, if I drop the hat, what do I do? Just keep going?”...And she said, “Pick it up really sexy and seductive.” And I thought, “Okay, I can do that.”

But the most entertaining reminiscence was Lindsey's account of the exciting chaos backstage:

HSG: What is the environment like backstage at Full-Figured Fashion Week?

LINDSEY: Insane—especially during changes. Because I did four total shows, and I had one after another, and then a break, and then one after another. We literally have to run. As we’re running to the back, we’re taking off clothes. Shirts are flying. Bracelets are flying, necklaces are flying, clothes are flying. People are dressing you...

I was number two for Lotis, and they were one right after another. I had to run. I’m just throwing stuff off. I had to literally run to the stage. Run to the stage. Insane. But it just builds up your adrenalin and makes you more excited to go out...

It was just insane back there. But I will tell you, they know what they’re doing...Total chaos, but amazing. The energy was amazing. Before you went out, or after you went out, the girls who didn’t do that show would say, “Oh, my God, you did great. You look great.”

Ah, the fabled camaraderie among plus-size models! It sounds like an amazing experience, and it's a privilege to read this behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creation of the show.
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