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Default FFFWeek: The Three Graces

We will be writing much more on this topic in the days and weeks ahead, but for tonight, let us offer this preliminary thought: the grand, final showcase of Full-Figured Fashion Week 2011, which took place last night, was the greatest runway show that the fashion industry has ever produced.


In fact, it may be the finest catwalk presentation that the world ever will see. The runway show featured not one, not two, but three Judgment of Paris favourites. Three.

And if you were to ask aficionados of timeless beauty to select their three absolute, ideal choices from among the industry's most gorgeous models who are working today, they would undoubtedly say the following three names. And these three were the very models who appeared on the runway last night:

Kelsey Olson

Katherine Roll

Lindsey Garbelman.

Can you believe it? Can you imagine seeing a fashion show that featured Kelsey, Katherine, and Lindsey walking the runway?

Well, that is the incomparable privilege that was bestowed upon everyone who attended last night's show.

The world has never before seen so much beauty together in a single room.

As the images and videos from the show are published, we will have the opportunity to discuss in detail the many exciting looks that these three goddesses showcased, and to compliment the brilliant designers who created them. But at this juncture, we wish to thank the tireless Gwen DeVoe for producing the most exciting, size-positive, and utterly perfect event in the history of plus-size fashion. We also wish to thank casting director Sharon Quinn for assembling the finest cast of models that have ever graced any runway that the world has ever seen.

We also wish to offer a special word of thanks to Sonsi and to all of the sponsors of FFFWeek for helping to make this event happen. The best money that any entity in plus-size fashion can spend to boost the industry is that money which is devoted to sponsoring FFFWeek. Why? Because FFFWeek is the only event that has ever put . . . (and let the wonder of this slip into your minds for a moment) . . . Kelsey Olson . . . Katherine Roll . . . and Lindsey Garbelman . . . on the same fashion runway.

Throughout the week, countless curvy women have spoken up in panels and seminars, asking for the plus-size industry to feature more generously proportioned plus-size models, girls who are gorgeous and genuinely full-figured. Full-Figured Fashion Week did just that, in putting three stunning size 18s on the same catwalk. It literally made a dream come true for every admirer of plus-size beauty, and did more tonight to accomplish an aesthetic restoration that any single event in the history of the plus-size industry.

Bravo to Gwen DeVoe, Sharon, and everyone who made FFFWeek possible. Bravo to the designers who showed last night. Bravo to FFFWeek's sponsors.

And especially, bravo to Kelsey, Katherine, and Lindsey for the greatest display of timeless beauty that living eyes have ever seen.

Amateur photograph of the Three Graces themselves after the show. Not even Titian, Romney, nor Rubens himself ever painted goddesses as gorgeous as these.

- Click to view larger

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