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Default Re: Victorian Vogue: ''The figure was curvaceous''

Oh my, when I read the title of this post, I thought, "Does this mean that there is going to be an edition of Vogue magazine, but with Victorian aesthetics?"

If there ever were such a thing, I would be the first person to subscribe.

In fact, wouldn't that be the perfect title for a plus-size version of Vogue: "Victorian Vogue," or possibly "Classical Vogue"; or, my favorite, "Romantic Vogue."

Like so much of the "Romantic Revival," I think these styles are ideal for plus-size figures. And yet I haven't seen as many examples of this in plus-size fashion as one might expect. I hope the offerings get better soon.

There have been a few at Torrid, and more recently, I noticed two Victorian styles at Nordstrom.

I particularly like the fact that the article noted how the Victorian styles "emphasized the hips." So many women feel self-conscious about these curves, and yet in all other centuries (before androgyny was imposed -- as the article notes), they were viewed as epitomizing womanly beauty.
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