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Default Re: ''Being skinny is bad for you'' (article)

In the midst of the media's non-stop war against full-figured beauty, there are growing signs of a push-back. The above Daily Mail article collects some of the information that is beginning to get through, despite the attempts by the starvation/torture industries to suppress it. Here and there, articles are popping up in which a curvier appearance for women is praised while emaciation is denounced.

The following Times of India article is somewhat light-hearted, but it is part of this percolating underground movement affirming the superiority of traditional, full-figured femininity.


Some of the choice points:

Why you shouldn't envy thin people

Anusha Vincent Jul 2, 2011

If you're the types who looks at the skinny minnies of the world and sighs wistfully, wishing you had their figure, as opposed to the generous curves you've been blessed with, here are some reasons why you should stop right there and be thankful instead.

- You won't look like a survivor from the Holocaust.

- You don't have to drink nasty tasting diet soda.

- Your curves will be appreciated by all the men of the world.

- You won't have to live on some weirdo diet that includes only one grapefruit and a glass of water a day.

- You can binge on chocolate and cheese while the anorexic lot chews on carrot sticks.

No single article will change people's minds, but hundreds of them expressing similar sentiments will slowly but surely deprogram the public from its anti-plus brainwashing. We need serious articles, humorous articles, articles about fashion, articles about the heath benefits of being curvy; everything. Together, they will form a collective discourse that will help people to trust their own instincts and acknowledge their innate preference for curvaceous beauty as true and correct, worthy to be acknowledged and celebrated.
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