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Default Re: Victorian Vogue: ''The figure was curvaceous''

Whenever I see pictures of Lillian Russell, I always think: There was a woman who knew that "Sexy Girls Have Dessert" over a hundred years before this became a modern advertising slogan. She is just gorgeous.

And thank you for linking to that article, Kaitlynn. I agreed with it 100%. Another passage I liked was this:

"Education is never a waste. I don't see going to college as something you do just to get a job. I see it as something you do to enable you to live a good life. And just because you're not working does not mean you are not living."

Thinking about Victorian "aesthetics and sentiments", this may sound farfetched, but when you wear these styles, I think you always feel a little bit different about yourself. You feel more graceful. And I think other people respond to you differently as well. They seem a little more polite. I like it.

For more examples of Victorian vogue, Nordstrom has a beautiful lace skirt that looks very Victorian to me:

If you look at the how detailed it is, it does resemble the Gothic style, like the most intricate stained-glass windows. And has a cover with Melissa looking very elegant and sumptuous in a lace dress:

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