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Default Re: Our Queen Grace interview

The fact that an agent pressured that model into starving herself down 45 lbs is an outrage. Any agent who takes such an anti-plus position is basically a fifth columnist for the diet-torture industries, and is undermining the plus-size industry from within, decreasing its models' subversive potential -- and their beauty.

The grim irony of the agent's claim to be diminishing a model's size so that she can "get more bookings" is that it doesn't even accomplish that! Far from it -- the model in question LOST this major, major campaign with Queen Grace, (not to mention the chance to represent the line at FFFWeek,) precisely BECAUSE she listened to her curve-o-phobic agent and faded away into a faux-plus size. Something that she supposedly did "for her career" actually turned out to be BAD for her career. So she sold out for no reason at all.

Instead, the model who got this prestigious campaign (and deservedly so), Kelsey, is one who resisted industry pressure to shrivel away her curves, and instead kept her glorious size-16 figure and 39" waist.

This makes me respect models like Kelsey and Katherine even more, because given that there is this kind of a toxic, anti-plus element in the industry, Kelsey and Katherine are truly principled for rejecting it, and for remaining true to their curvaceous selves. They're more beautiful and more important as a result. They are the models who matter, and who are truly inspiring, in a way that a model who diminishes herself can never be.

Kudos to Marina Zelner and Queen Grace for spurning what would have been a meagre, half-measure campaign, and instead giving their crown to the genuinely full-figured and gorgeous models who actually deserve it.
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