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Default Re: Our Queen Grace interview

I agree about how wonderful it is to hear Marina praising her models so vocally. It clearly reflects her view of full-figured women in general, which is indicated in all that she says about listening to the wishes of her clientele. She is truly committed to full-figured beauty as a principle, and to individual plus-size women as well.

I love the story of how Kelsey was cast for this campaign:

MARINA: We were looking for a face for a while, and we just couldn’t find anyone. We had gone through all the modelling agencies. We didn’t find that face that really struck me right away, with that beautiful innocence and gorgeous body and gorgeous expression and vibe. And then when I received the runway lineup of my models—so I have to give kudos to Full-Figured Fashion Week—and I saw her picture, I was just taken aback. I was stunned. I said, “This is it. This is the girl we need to work with.” And when I saw her come into the studio to do the photo shoot, I knew for sure that we made a fabulous choice.

Aside from the fact that she is a humble, beautiful woman, her personality just comes through on camera. She turns it on. I mean, the camera is looking at her, and she’s having fun with it, her eyes are in it, her whole heart is in it, and it was just a wonderful experience to work with her. And when she tried on our gown, we knew that that’s the gown she’s going to be wearing on the runway, because no one else could have presented it better than her.

I feel exactly the same way. Kelsey's images are always very empowering, and they give an accurate read of what an outfit will look like on a curvy body type:

MARINA: If I were a woman looking for a dress and seeing Kelsey wearing a beautiful dress on the pages of a magazine, I would believe it. I would want to go and buy it, or at least try it out, because I want to associate with an image like that. She’s someone who is absolutely, stunningly gorgeous. Her body is beautiful. And this is the aesthetic that is appealing to me. And I’m hoping that other curvy women out there will feel the same way when they see our images.

This passage includes the phrase that gives the interview its title, "a regal princess." I find it a clever heading, as it could apply to Kelsey, to Katherine, to Marina herself, or to any curvaceous beauty wearing Queen Grace clothing:

MARINA: To see my designs and my clothes come alive on a beautiful body, that was not an opportunity I was going to miss. And she did an absolutely phenomenal job. She is a regal princess.

My favourite passage introduces the notion of Kelsey as a "muse," which references Greek mythology -- and we know that Ms. Zelner is familiar with Greek myth, as she herself points out in the passage about the Judgment of Paris painting:

MARINA: For every designer, there is a muse, and she has become our muse in many ways, because she embodies the image of this elegance that we want to see in our designs.

Her description of Katherine Roll and her performance on the runway is equally loving. Even if I hadn't seen the photos from FFFWeek, I would have clearly imagined her runway turn, based on this description.

MARINA: She has that same elegant appeal to me as Kelsey did. She is really beautiful. And the other thing that I admire about her: fabulous runway skills. She does a phenomenal job. She walks out there and… You know, these girls, they listen. They expect a designer to share with them what is the vision that we want to present on the runway. And all of these ladies, we said to them, “Look, this is a collection that exudes so much sophistication that we want you to present it in the same way when you walk down the runway.” And if you look at the images of Katherine—Katherine Roll—on the runway, she was just phenomenal: beautiful, elegant, sophisticated; walked her beautiful, curvy walk. She wore our lacy wrap dress that fit her just incredibly, just every little curve was just properly hot, and she looked phenomenal. And then when she stares into that camera at the end of the runway, you know, it’s mesmerizing.

It's so exciting to have a plus-size designer who thinks of full-figured women this way, who views them as royalty. I think anyone clothing themselves in Queen Grace fashions will be able to feel that aristocratic spirit.
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