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Default Re: Our Queen Grace interview

What I love in the interview is Ms. Zelner's sense of mission. She amply justifies her assertion:

MARINA:This is really, truly, not just about making clothes. This is about empowering women and making them feel sensational.

From everything that she says in the interview, I get the feeling that this is true. It's true for herself, true for curvy women in general, and true even from a very personal place - true for her own daughters, as she points out:

MARINA: I have two daughters myself who see the images in the press and try to achieve the standards that can only possibly be achieved by starving themselves and putting their well-being, physical and psychological health, in danger.

When my daughter picks up a magazine, thatís what she sees, and itís very frustrating...To see a slim girl who would make comments about the fact that she is not slim enough to fit in a dress is very, very disappointing. And itís not coming from my house. Itís not coming from my thinking. Itís coming from whatís out there in the media and the press.

That last paragraph is especially important as an answer to those who would make excuses for the thin-supremacist, anorexia-pushing media by claiming that body image is determined at home. As Marina's comments indicate, parents can do everything in their power to foster positive body image in their children, but the toxic culture is all around them, impossible to escape, and it will infiltrate even the healthiest, most traditional household and threaten to undermine all of the positive values that parents try to inculcate.

But the most passionate passage is Marina's cri de coeur to full-figured women to stop wasting their lives trying to starve/torture themselves into artificial, media-acceptable emaciation, and instead to go out and live:

MARINA: Who you are is exactly where you need to be. This is who you are. Iím always very frustrated with women who stay at home and cry their eyes out, and they say, ďIím not going shopping until Iíve lost 30, 40 pounds.Ē Youíre going to be spending all your life sitting on the couch, waiting for a miracle to happen! Go out there. Have a good time. Have the confidence to celebrate who you are. You are going to be loved and recognized for your personality, for your spirit, or for the edge that you bring, or the fun element that you bring. We all have something to offer.

That quote should be taped onto every woman's fridge who has ever denied herself anything - food or fun - just because she doesn't resemble the unnatural, un-Nordic, un-Slavonic, un-Mediterranean, alien standard that the media pushes.

Ms. Zelner recognizes that for some, it isn't easy, but bravo to her for wanting to do whatever she can to liberate women from this negativity and to encourage them to live life to the fullest.

MARINA: These women have been so destroyed for many years by the notions that theyíve see in the media and T.V., and by the fact that they are not recognized in commerce when they go to the stores. Their self-esteem is so low that itís so hard for them to all of a sudden awaken and say, ďYou know what? Itís okay. I can do this.Ē

And we want to build that self esteem. This brand is about celebrating a woman and empowering a woman...There is so much to a womenís psyche that could be influenced by as simple a thing as making her feel beautiful.
Very, very true.
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