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Default Re: Crystal Renn on The View

I saw the episode, and was especially happy that it did not glamourize her straight-size modeling career. The pictures they showed from her underweight days were absolutely chilling. She looked like she was dying. I can't believe that anyone, anyone who saw the show could disagree that she look a thousand times better now that she has natural curves. It obviously was a true rebirth for her, and probably saved her life. The blossom-embellished dress she wore at the Gaultier show is like a visual expression of this. It's still a miracle that the first-ever appearance of a plus-size model in a major runway show was such a beautiful presentation, and not something ugly and modern.

But I wonder who this new "wet look" photo shoot is for? If the final photos are anywhere near as beautiful as these behind the scenes images suggest they will be, this could be some of Crystal's most gorgeous work.
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