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Default Re: Our Queen Grace interview

As others have observed, one of the things that makes Queen Grace such a welcome collection is that it is a very personal expression by Marina Zelner. It isn't just an anonymous brand; it has a personality behind it. That's why this interview is so fruitful.

The fact that Ms. Zelner shares exactly the same aggravations that other full-figured women do, and seeks to resolve them in her line, is what makes the whole endeavour so promising.

Take the model issue, for example. She herself acknowledges that she feels just as upset as many other full-figured women do when clothing is presented on models who are smaller than their intended customers. Whether those models are minus-size or faux-plus, it's the same disappointment, the same insult: they're a con; they're just not authentically full-figured.

MARINA: I’ve dealt with the same issues, whether it’s insecurity, or frustration, or sometimes it’s anger at the media and other outlets that show us images that absolutely do not reflect the reality around us.

This frustration is translated right into her label's booking policies, which correct the injustice and get it right:

MARINA: We are very strongly opposed to what’s happening at a lot of plus-size brands, where they manufacture clothes for larger women, but then in their media advertising and promotions they show it on smaller girls.

This shows how important it is for a CEO/designer to be able to truly empathize with her clientele and share their perceptions and understand their wishes.

By the way, on the model issue, I have to point out that once again Full-Figured Fashion Week proves to be the most beneficial plus-size enterprise out there. Did everyone catch how Kelsey got noticed by Queen Grace? It was directly because of Kelsey's selection to participate in FFFWeek:

MARINA: When I received the runway lineup of my models—so I have to give kudos to Full-Figured Fashion Week—and I saw her picture, I was just taken aback. I was stunned. I said, “This is it. This is the girl we need to work with.”

FFFWeek is the gift that keeps on giving!
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