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Since the above essay originally appeared, some readers have informed us that, from time to time, it is a refreshing change for a goddess to take her hair up over her shoulders. That may be the case, but there is a way in which an enchantress can achieve this effect without committing the aesthetic atrocity of chopping off her divine tresses, and that is, by adopting a style that is currently listed as the "hairstyle of the year" in Teen People magazine: the "voluminous updo."

Of course, like all of the most gorgeous hairstyles and fashion choices, this is not a "new" style at all, but rather, a timeless one. Here, for example, we see it depicted in a postcard reproduction of a painting by the French 19th-century artist, Edouart Bisson (1856-1939):

What makes this style so exciting is that, while it does expose the exquisitely soft neck and shoulders of a voluptuous vixen, it still conveys a sense of alluring heaviness and fullness, thus keeping the hairstyle in proportion to the generous curves of the richer female figure.

Here we see it adorning Barbara Brickner, who looks even more miraculously gorgeous in this image than usual:

The "measured messiness" of the look, its "I-just-tumbled-out-of-bed" quality, gives it an irresistible sensuality. The way in which the curls cascade softly around the face draws attention to a fair visage, offering the viewer a tactile temptation, making him wish to touch them, to brush them gently away.

A style such as this allows a goddess to reap the benefits of an abbreviated length (i.e., exposing the neck and shoulders), while preserving attractive weight, and still leaving her the option of reverting to long, flowing tresses just by removing a carefully-placed clip or pin.

And of course, by that precise action--of removing a hairpin, and allowing her piled-up curls to tumble down freely over her back and shoulders--a goddess can enslave any man's soul for life, or longer . . .

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