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Default Dieting forces brain to eat itself (article)

If this horrifying new revelation doesn't finally show women the insanity of self-imposed starvation (a.k.a. "dieting"), I don't know what will.

Could there be any more glaring indication that diminishing yourself is slow suicide? A new study reveals that when a woman diets, her brain eats itself.

If that sounds as ghastly as something out of a horror film, it should -- for it is literally true.

The frightening facts:

Diets make you tired. They eat away at healthy muscle. They’re unnatural and can’t be followed for a lifetime. They are unhealthy and lacking in vital nutrients. They can lead to eating disorders.

But now a group of researchers from Albert Einstein College of Medicine have a new theory—dieting causes the brain to eat itself. (Their study is published today in Cell Metabolism.)

Scientists have known for a while that when a body becomes starved for sustenance, cells start eating bits and pieces of themselves. It’s a process known as “autophagy” and one that’s a normal part of the cell life cycle; it’s how other cells get energy during the tough times. But it was thought that the brain was largely resistant to autophagy under these conditions.

At least one part of the brain, however, now appears to self-cannibalize. It’s the hypothalamus, which sits right above the brain stem and regulates a variety of functions, including sleep, body temperature, thirst and hunger. The researchers, working with mice, found that neurons in the hypothalamus started eating their own organelles and proteins when the animals were deprived of food.

This is so terrifying, I scarcely have the words for it. In effect, what a woman is doing when she is dieting is enacting her own slow-motion lobotomy.

It's bad enough that self-imposed starvation ruins a woman's looks, making her appear haggard, gaunt, and ill. It's worse that it destroys healthy human tissue.

But the most horrifying aspect of all is that it actually destroys a person's brain -- the seat of their whole consciousness, their whole personality, their intelligence; in short, everything that they are.

It would be sheer madness for any woman to do such violence to herself, and for no net benefit; in fact, to make herself look worse.

That the media has indoctrinated women into committing such acts of self-immolation is incomprehensible, but with this latest, most frightening revelation, it is truly time for the insanity of diet-starvation to end, and for women to begin eating whatever they want, and as much as they want, and really enjoying life -- for the sake of their looks, their health, and even their very consciousness.
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