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The trouble is, the plus-fashion industry is still so marginal that few people enter fashion to work in plus-size exclusively. Many just enter the business who love the mass-media idea of "fashion" (which usually means minus sizes), and end up working in plus sizes only because a job opportunity opens up in this field, not because celebrating plus-size beauty is their lifelong dream.

The analogy of someone who is lukewarm about plus-size beauty being hired to select plus-size models to a rap musician being hired to run a symphony orchestra works very well. How could someone who loves rap music exclusively make the imaginative leap to (a) accept that some people might hate their form of music (rap), and (b) to make the correct decision as to what sort of classical music their classical-music-loving public would like to hear? Based on what? It's not what they love.

And to extend the analogy, if both the casting agents at the various plus-fashion labels and the plus-division bookers at the modelling agencies are hired just because of their general fashion experience and not because of any affinity for plus-size beauty, then it becomes a case of the blind leading the blind, the tone deaf listening to the advice of the tone deaf, when it comes to booking plus-size models.

In such a circumstance, the casting agents who choose the models for their labels have no knowledge of what kind of music their customers want to hear (i.e., what kinds of models their customers wish to see), but rather, they only have their own straight-size tastes, just as the agents do.

Therefore, when straight-size-favouring bookers tell casting agents which models are supposedly "hot" or "in demand," the casting agents take them at their word. Why not? The casting agents can't recognize plus-size beauty (given their own minus-size preference), and the faux-plus models that the agencies send them satisfy this aesthetic. It's impossible for such casting agents to make the imaginative leap that their own aesthetic, and the aesthetic of their customers, could be totally and utterly different. They simply see "beauty" one way (the minus-size fashion way, because this was what brought them into fashion in the first place), and anything else, to them, seems "wrong."

Oh, and Katherine is utterly stunning. She is exactly the kind of gorgeous and truly curvy model that full-figured women want representing them.
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