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Default Re: Being full-figured is good for health (study)

Well, the findings are now coming in so rapidly and consistently that even the billions of dollars that the diet/exercise industry spends on propaganda to brainwash women into starving themselves will no longer work.

Yesterday, not just one but two studies were published which prove, more conclusively than ever, that being full-figured is healthier for women, while weight loss is detrimental. Here's the first link:

The studies contain some toxic terminology, but the conclusions are the key:

A study found some ob*** people who are generally healthy without any underlying medical issues live just as long as their slim counterparts. The surprising kicker is that these ob*** people are also less likely to die of cardiovascular causes.

“This concept of healthy ob***** just recently came to light” lead author Jennifer Kuk, assistant professor at York University’s School of Kinesiology and Health Science, said. “We found that not all ob*** people need to lose weight.

“Just because a person is of normal weight, doesn’t mean they’re healthy,” she said. “We shouldn’t have one sweeping brush saying everyone who is ob*** has to lose weight. Each individual should be looked at as a whole person, rather than just what the scale says.”

Kuk said with a fluctuating weight loss, there is an increased risk for people of cancer and cardiovascular disease and mental health illness...

The study doesn't just present an equivalency between thinness and fullness. It reveals that weight loss the increases risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. And they're not talking about being faux-plus. No, the study specifies women who are genuinely full-figured (using the awful term, "ob***").

Meanwhile, a U of Alberta study comes to the same conclusion:

The pertinent points:

New research from the University of Alberta shows some ob*** people are as healthy as and have no higher risk of death than their thinner counterparts.

Some may not even benefit from losing weight — including a significant number who are defined as morbidly ob***

[The research] challenges the assumption overweight people need to lose weight.

“The surprising result of our study is that there are ob*** people, and actually quite a few of them, who do not have health problems related to 'excess' weight and that we should not be focusing on providing treatment for those people because they don’t need them,” Sharma said.

Once and for all, women need to realize that they have been lied to their whole lives -- by the media, the medical profession and especially the fashion industry.

Being full-figured -- that is, being truly full-figured, having genuine plus-size proportions -- is not only more beautiful than being faux-plus (let alone underweight), but also healthier.

This is the stunning truth: Being full-figured is healthier than being faux-plus.

Being plus-size is healthier than being minus-size.

So ends the ability of the diet industry to ever indoctrinate women into hating their naturally curvaceous bodies.

And so end any pathetic excuses from the fashion establishment that it suppresses truly full-figured plus-size models for the sake of "health."
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