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Default Re: FFFWeek: The Three Graces

As promotional opportunities for plus-size beauty go, this one is without precedent.

Gwen DeVoe, the CEO and producer of Full-Figured Fashion Week, announced yesterday that

FFFWeek has just been invited to participate in Lifestyle 365, the in-flight video series that airs on Delta Airlines.

This was following shortly by a Tweet message from the official FFFWeek which gave an insight into what this might entail:

Is it possible that clips from FFFWeek 2011 will be shown as in-flight entertainment on Delta Airline flights? A major possibility!

Think of what this means. This is the stunning vision that Delta passengers will soon be seeing, right before their eyes--heavenly angels whose places are truly among the clouds.

Click to enlarge

For those who don't know, Delta Airlines offers more in its travel-video package than merely reruns of bad Hollywood films. It also offers an intriguing television options, described as follows:

In addition to popular movies, we offer short-subject programming on our overhead and in-seat monitors that includes news, travel stories, popular sitcoms, dramas, and lifestyle programs from around the world. We’re always looking for general-interest features to keep all our passengers entertained and informed.

These features are divided up topically into channels, one of which is the fabled Lifestyle 365

Lifestyle 365 showcases where you live, how you live, and what you do.

Viewers of Lifestyle 365 will shortly discover that one of the things that full-figured women do is dress in gorgeous fashions and attend exciting runway shows featuring the world's most gorgeous models.

The Lifestyle 365 content (which is also published online) is devised by a company called In-Flight Media Associates (IMA), which outlines the benefits of its program thus:

Millions of potential clients and investors see and hear your company’s message in an informative and entertaining format. And of course, the term "captive audience" takes on a whole new meaning at 30,000 feet.

The bottom line for you is getting your company’s message to your target audience without a pushy context. IMA’s informative and entertaining in-flight video programming – airing on main screen for all our airline partners – makes that possible.

Consider the exciting implications for the dissemination of plus-size beauty: millions (yes, millions) of people situated on flights across the nation, and around the world, will soon sit back and be treated to the sight of stunning size-16 and size-18 goddesses such as Kelsey Olson, Katherine Roll, and Lindsey Garbelman--a vision of beauty such as few will have ever seen in their lives.

Click to enlarge

The most immediate benefit will be to the plus-size labels who participated in FFFWeek, of course, because their fashions will be seen on optimal models (and thus far better represented than in their print advertising) by a vast potential customer base. But the greater and more lasting benefit will be to society as whole, in which timeless, full-figured feminine beauty will be disseminated as never before.

We earnestly hope that this project comes to fruition for FFFWeek, which continues to be the most exciting project in the plus-size fashion industry, and a truly transformative endeavour.

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[Images of Kesley (Lane Bryant), Katherine (Plush Boutique), and Lindsey (Ashaki Charles Designs) licensed from Mr. Richard Lew ( No further distribution is permitted without the express consent of the photographer.]

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